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Perfect Eyelash Extension

Eyelash extensions accentuate the length and thickness of your own lashes. The process is semi-permanent and involves the adhering a synthetic lash to each of your own lashes – one by one. This process results in a more beautiful, voluminous and lengthy lash line. 

What are eyelash extensions?

There are 3 different types of eyelashes we offer

  1. Classic Lashes– acrylic. Quick to attach and are just an extension of your own lashes that grow out. Different curls can be used and lengths
  2. Russian Volume eye Lashes– (Hand Made)- silk lashes- feel soft and fluffy.  Eyelashes very light and feathery looking. Gives Maximum fullness and especially good for thinning eyelashes. Different curls available. Take a lot longer to do, but last longer. 3-5 weeks depending on lash grow cycle. Hand made as its done.
  3.  Pre made Volume lashes –  – last as long as Classic type.  Acrylic.  Attach onto one lash as a pre- made fan and are made of acrylic- refills usually 2-3 weeks- but depends on lash growh cycle..

How long will they last?

With professional application  Classic Style (single lash) will last will last up to 2-4 weeks before needing a refill.   Eyelashes naturally fall out in regular intervals. When applied correctly, the extension will last the entire time of your natural lash cycle. With our HIGH SPEED glue, many clients can go up to 4 weeks before needing another touch-up appointment- depending on their natural eyelash regrowth.  Some people have a faster grow out time than others.  Also the side you sleep on may always reduce first. Hand made Russian volume lashes ( 2-4 fine lashes made into a fan and applied to one lash) have the weight of one lash and because they are in a fan they will cover an area more and reduce the need for refills as often.  Again it all depends on natural growth cycle.

Understanding Lash Growth & Shedding

Natural eyelashes are there to protect our eyes.  We all have different lengths & diameters to our natural eyelashes.  In our younger years,our lashes are often very thick and strong, also having good length. As we mature it is a sad fact that our lashes & rows thin and fade. They may also be shorter than you remember from when you were young.

Each eye can have naturally anywhere from approx 60-70 lashes through  to about 180-200 per eye. These will be at different stages of growth.  On a daily basis we can shed naturally anywhere from 1-5 natural eyelashes. this means at the 2 week mark we could of shed approx 70 lashes, the 3 week mark 100 lashes or so.  On average we all get a complete set of new lashes every 3-4 months. this is only an average ans each and every person could be faster or slower.

when we apply extensions we can only apply them to the catagen or telogen stages.  So this limits the number of extensions you can have by the number of these lashes.  A well trained technician will recognise these easily.  There is a formula we use as lash technician to apply healthy lashes. Lash extensions can be worn indefinitely as a client  without detriment to the natural lash system so long as a few rules have been taken into account. one of these is the weight of which the lashes are adding to the natural lash.  Every client will be individually assessed for the correct weight that can be applied to her lashes. There are many young girls with over weighted lash extensions. – be warned this can create long term root damage!

Retention Of Lash Extensions

with a well trained professional your refills are every 2-3 weeks depending on your hair growth cycle.  As your lashes shed you will see if you look closely at the shed ones your natural lash attached to the extension. this means your natural lash has grown forward & shed in its natural cycle.  This is ideal.

When  lashes are too long for wearing vision glasses this will eventually agitate and assist in it coming off prematurely.

What If There Is No Natural Lash Attached To The Extension

STRESS- does cause a heavy shed cycle on occasion.  So if you have lost a lot in a short time ask yourself the question of whats been going on.

SEASONS- also play a big part in this.  As seasons change you may find  that you have a heavy shed, more than usual.

MEDICATIONS- Some medications effect the natural lash strand and the actual adherence may not bond quite the same.

HORMONES- if your application is during your period time, you may not find your lashes last as well and can also lift before the natural lash itself sheds.

WEATHER- Temperatures rarely effect the retention.  You will notice in summer that like the hair on your head , they will grow quicker so may need to have an appointment approximately a week earlier.  Winter everything slows a little so your appointment could possible be a bit longer than the normal.

Open fires or heat- all extensions are made from a type of fibre than can bend or even frighten with heat from a fire or oven/barbeque.- solution is to wear sunglasses!  if you work in kitchens.-Classics would be more resilient that volume as they are finer.  Due to their finess they can straighten much quicker.

SKIN/MAKE-UP PRODUCTS-the biggest issue is clients using products containing oil, eg rose hip oil, face cream, coconut oil, even naturally oily skin.  Oily eye makeup removers are a huge no-no  they cause the glue to breakdown and to lift.

How To Look After Them?

Wash your lashes daily  preferably with lash foam cleanser and water morning and night, Yes even on the day of application!  These days keeping lashed dry for 24-48 hrs are gone!  Clean all eye make up off with an approved oily free formula- see your technician.  Brush you lashes daily to assist detangle and lashes coming off or poking you in the eye.   Brush from the half way to the tips only – NOT RIGHT BACK – very gently.  Use a satin pillow case TO SLEEP ON if you are wearing CLASSICS  and also non fluffy pillow cases or eye makeup remover cloths that don’t catch your lashes. It’s the little things that help. 

Will eyelash extensions keep me from engaging in normal activities?

After application of your full set of Lashes, it is very important to closely follow the after-care instructions you will be given after your treatment. After the first 24 hours, you will be able to enjoy showering, swimming, exercising and normal daily activities without any concern.

RUSSIAN VOLUME LASHES- are a fan and although a tiny amount of glue is used, they give a fuller appearance and are light weight so any gaps aren’t as noticeable. Lash refill are less often- approx 4-6 weeks but take a longer time to do 1.5 hours-2 hours. No Mascara can be used at all with the Russian Volume lashes.

What is the procedure?

  • You will lie down on comfortable treatment lounge/bed.
  • Your natural bottom eyelashes will be protected with surgical tape or anti-wrinkle eye pads.
  • With closed eyes, your lashes are cleansed, combed and prepared for the treatment.
  • Each synthetic eyelash is wiped in medical grade glue and applied one by one to your own.
  • Individual eyelashes.
  • The process is very relaxing and most clients often fall asleep.
  • Takes approximately 1 to 2 hours, depending on the quantity and type of lashes applied.
  • Upon completion, the surgical tape or anti-wrinkle pads are removed.

You then open your eyes to a more voluminous and lengthy lash line.

Maintaining your lashes prior extensions

  • Do not wear Mascara on the day you are having eyelash extensions applied.
  • Make sure your lashes are well cleansed and any mascara remnants are removed.
  • Remove your contact lenses prior to your appointment.

After Extensions

  • Never wear waterproof mascara.
  • Most clients don’t feel a need to wear Mascara, however if you must wear Mascara after 24 hours, Classic lashes only
  • Be sure to use a specially suited water-based mascara, such as our Super Volume Mascara.- classic lashes only
  • Be gentle to your lashes – avoid excessively rubbing your eyes and take care when dressing or removing clothes.
  • Use Oil free Eye make-up remover only. We use and recommend  a specific Eye-makeup remover as it is oil free. Do not apply oil/lanolin based moisturiser on the eyelashes.  Use lash foam regularly to help the base of the lash base keep clean and free from potential dead skin build up.
  • Do not perm or tint lashes
  • Do not rub your eyes or pull on your extensions
  • Schedule a Maintenance Touch-up/ Refill


After having a full set of eyelash extensions, touch-ups/refills are usually required between 2-5 weeks. It takes 30 to 90 mins for refills depending which type.  Please refer to our pricelist or call us for discussion. NOTE: Our glue is longer lasting and far more superior compared to any other glues. Due to this fact, many of our clients claim that they can go almost up to 5-6 weeks before needing another touch-up appointment. This glue does not contain any formaldehyde and harmful substances currently used by some service providers.

Waterbased eyemakeup remover and lash foam cleanser- to reduce dead skin build up is recomended and used daily.

Texta type eyeliners are recommended – not the crayon type as they build up into the root line of the eyelash.

Brushing eyelashes gently in the morning is a must.

Treatment Benefits

Weighless & Waterproof
Thickens Lashes up to 70%
No Need for Mascara
Lengthens lashes up to 100%
Smudge resistant
Swim and Exercise worry free
Natural & Flawless looking
No Major after-care requirements

Pricing & Rates

Classic Lash extension full set
90 min
Classic Lash extension refill
60 min
Volume Pre made or Hybrid full set
120 min
Volume Pre made or Hybrid refill
90 min
Lash Tinting
Eyebrow Tint
Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint
Lash/lift perming with tint
Lash Tint hydration treatment included
Henna Brow
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