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IPL Hair Reduction

Forget shaving, waxing, tweezing and electrolysis – Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology provides long-lasting hair removal on any area of the body. IPL photoepilation uses high-energy pulses of light to remove unwanted hair from the face, back, legs, bikini line and other areas without damaging nearby tissue. 

Pulsed Light Hair Removal

Then the IPL handpiece is moved back and forth across the selected area. The light targets hair with a colour so therefore hair that is very light or white or light grey or blonde will probaby not be able to be targeted due to the lack of pigment.  Hair beneath the skin surface absorbs the light and heats up, loosening from the follicles and eventually falling out. Patients can return to work and all regular activities immediately after the procedure. The results are immediate and long-lasting, with some permanent thinning. Several treatments may be desired for optimal results.

What To Expect Before Your Procedure

Your first step to a successful treatment outcome is a pre-treatment consultation. A consultation will provide you with the information you need to make the treatment choices for your needs. It also provides your clinician with the information needed to determine the best course of laser treatment for your desired outcomes. During your consultation, be prepared to provide information about your medical history and your goals for the procedure. This is also a good time to get answers to your treatment questions and to discuss treatment costs. Treatment costs can vary widely and are based upon:

  • Medical history
  • Degree of the condition to be treated
  • Laser treatment type
  • Size of treatment area
  • Number of treatments needed

During Your Procedure

Before your treatment, your provider may measure the melanin in your skin to adjust laser power to your specific needs. This can be done by a visual exam using the Fitzpatrick Skin Type evaluation. Or, it can be done using a hand-held melanin reading device to guide your treatment plan. Assessing the condition of your skin is essential to avoid over-treatment or under-treatment-and helps ensure the best aesthetic outcomes. Your provider will work with you to help ensure your comfort and safety throughout the procedure. During treatment, your clinician will move a hand piece over your skin, which will pulse as it emits the laser light. A flashing light, an audible tone, and a mild sensation on the skin will tell you when the hand piece is being pulsed. This sensation produces little to no discomfort.

After Your Procedure

Post-treatment recovery varies depending on your type of laser treatment and your medical history. Your clinician will provide you with specific follow-up care instructions. Below are some general guidelines for what you can expect after the treatments.

For Non-Ablative and IPL Treatments

After your treatment, expect to be able to resume your normal daily activities. You will notice redness at the treatment site, which should resolve in a day or two. You can manage any discomfort that you have with wrapped ice packs or gel packs (do not apply ice directly to skin). Your doctor may also recommend an oral, over-the-counter anti-inflammatory (ibuprofen) or analgesic (acetaminophen) to reduce discomfort. Use the medicine according to your doctor’s recommendations. You may bath and shower as usual, but keep in mind that the treated area may be temperature sensitive. Until redness has resolved, avoid the following: Sun exposure and tanning on the treated area. Apply an SPF 30+ or greater sunscreen to prevent injury to the treatment area and to prevent changes in pigmentation. Applying cosmetics to the treated area. Mineral make-up can be accepted swimming, especially in pools with chemicals such as chlorine.  Hot tubs, Jacuzzis, and saunas.  Activities that cause excess perspiration or any activity that may raise your core body temperature.  Aggressive scrubbing and use of exfoliates on the treated area.

Treatment Benefits

Permanent reduction in unwanted hair
Reduce the chance of ingrown hair
Avoid uncomfortable shaving rash
Regrowth is lighter and finer, less easy to see

Pricing & Rates

Consultation and Patch Test

redeemable with IPL treatment

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