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Regenerate, repair and recover

Laser Healing

Laser Therapy uses focused light.  The light source  is tuned to specific wavelengths, allowing it to be focused into powerful beams.  It is used to assist in healing and improving skin problems.

How Laser Therapy Works

Low Level Laser Therapy aims to bio stimulate. Because of its low power nature, the effects are biochemical and not thermal and cannot cause heating and thereby damage to living tissue. Three distinct photo biological effects are known to occur when using Low Level Laser Therapy:

1. Healing growth factor response through:

  • Increased ATP and protein synthesis
  • Improved cell proliferation
  • Change in cell membrane permeability to calcium up-take

2. Pain Relief through:

  • Increased endorphin release
  • Increased serotonin
  • Suppression of nociceptor action

3. Immune system support through:

  • Increasing levels of lymphocyte activity
  • Photo-modulation of blood
  • Low level laser therapy optimises the speed of repair in acute injuries but will also stimulate the body’s repair processes in cases of non-healing or chronic conditions.

Why Try Laser Therapy?

This Laser as seen on the channel 9 program “What’s good for you” 21st May 2007. Treatments with Laser therapy available for children with conditions such as eczema, warts, and burns. As seen in Good medicine magazine article in November and December issues 2004 Extensive laboratory and clinical research into this method of laser application has shown that:

  • Fibroblast cells increase natural collagen production (Boulton, 1986). (Lam, T. Abergel, P. Meeker, C. et al 1984)
  • Microcirculation and lymphatic drainage is increased (Lievens, 1985)
  • Free radical damage is reduced by increased anti-oxidant (SOD). (Urciuoli, 1991)
  • Cell renewal is increased (Mashiko, 1983)
  • Natural immune responses reduce skin infection and inflammation (Klima, 1991)
  • Skin and collagen regeneration is increased (Dyson, M., Young, S.1986)
  • 81 Atopic Dermatitis patients had a 79% reduction in pruritis (itching) and a 71% decrease in skin reaction. (Morita, H. et al dermatology department, Hyogo College, Japan)

Laser Therapy & Anti-Aging Treatments

Laser -Mulilase assist in:

  • Free radical damage protection
  • Rapid wrinkle reduction
  • Increases skin regeneration
  • Firms sagging muscles
  • Improves scalp and hair growth
Multilase® Integrative Laser Therapy™ has been shown to rapidly reduce pain, swelling, bruising and significantly reduce healing time. It is highly beneficial when introduced soon after surgery or injury to nerves, tendons, ligaments, muscles and bones. Continued treatment will effectively minimise the appearance of scars and assist in reducing tissue adhesion and the formation of thick, raised keloid scars, that can sometimes occur in certain skin types or parts of the body, such as the chest, inner and upper arm areas. A speedier recovery allows for the return to a normal lifestyle sooner.

Why Try Laser Therapy as an Anti Aging Technique?

This method of laser application is highly recommended after:

  • Reconstructive/plastic surgery (Kubota, J. 1998)
  • Orthopaedic surgery (Paulo, P. Moartins, M. Luiz, A. Pinheiro, B. Andre, M. Marleny, E. Gerbi, M. 2000)
  • Dental and oral surgery (Kutvolgi, I, Tahitotfalu 2000)
  • Plastic and cosmetic surgery (Ohshiro, T. 1988)
  • Liposuction (Czech, T. 2000)
  • Fat transplantation (Katalinic, D. 1990)
  • After burn injury or erbium and CO2 laser skin resurfacing, dermabrasion and skin peels (Czech, T. 1998)
  • Improved success rate after bone and skin grafts and flaps (Cabrero, 1985)
  • After peripheral nerve injury and microsurgery (Rochkind, S. 2000)
  • Non-healing wounds, ulcers and burn injuries will also benefit from an improved immune response and increased micro-circulation. (Dyson, 1985)

Additional Benefits Of Laser Therapy

Skin and Scar Repair Reduce old and new scars, Repair stretchmarks, Reduce skin hypersensitivity, Eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, Strengthens capillaries and nails, Simultaneous acne healing and scar repair. 

Body Therapy Eliminate cellulite, Increase lymphatic drainage, Relieve painful joints, Release painful trigger points, Reduce muscle spasm, Improve joint mobility, Reduce tissue fibrosis. Wellness Accelerate recovery after illness, surgery and injury, Improve circulation, Reduce arthritis, Reduce fatigue, Relax tension, Improve metabolism, Increase immunity, Stress reduction.


‘Bioenergy constantly flows throughout our cells and body to maintain biological balance; however ageing, illness, injury or surgery can interfere with the flow of this vital energy. Laser therapy assists in restoring and maintaining the bodies bioenergetic balance which is essential for regeneration and repair of the body and faster recovery after illness, surgery or injury.’ What Clients/Patients are saying about Multilase™ Integrative Laser Therapy™ “I was recently diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. My hands were most severely affected. In fact, I was not able to pour a cup of tea or button up my shirt or trousers. My feet and knees were also starting to increase with pain. Intially, treatment was recommended by medical doctors- including specialists in the area of rheumatoid arthritis- that involved a series of drugs and other supressive medicines. It was my belief that there was a strong potential for serious side effects and I preferred to try a more natural approach. I chose laser therapy, after reading an article in Good Medicine Magazine about the benefits of non thermal laser light therapy. I have been undergoing this form of treatment now for 8 weeks at the Australian Insititue of Laser Therapy, and I am amazed that after only a few treatments, the swelling of my joints and the build up of inflammation is disappearing. The pain is barely noticeable and I have movement nowparticulary in my hands- which I have not enjoyed for years. I recommend that you at least give laser therapy a try!” – M BARWICK – Rheumatoid Arthritis.

“I sustained burns to 30% of my back and arms during the Bali Bombing. The doctors have queried how my skin was healing so much faster than the other patients who wre burnt at the same time. The scars became smoother with the laser therapy, and I didn’t have to rely on pressure garments so much. It also made a huge differnce in diminishing the redness of the scars and helped return normal pigment to the scar.” – L HUGUENIN – Bali Burn Patient.

Photonic Laser Lift Facial Treatment

Our PHOTONIC Laser has been developed in Germany for over 40 years along with the topical hyaluranon formula and has been tried and tested to offer you the most advanced non-invasive anti-ageing treatment today ! INSTANT RESULTS from the very first treatment Session.

Photonic Laser light energy is able to penetrate the skin to work directly on sub-derma tissue and muscle tissue,, stimulating the cellular processes and the production of ATP (adenoise Triphosphate). ATP is critical for skin cell repair and rejuvenation. Low level laser energy stimulates this natural rejuvenation process, to improve your skin.

You will be able to see and feel the plumpness that has come back to the area. immediately.

Well it is very similar to a facial. Cleansing of the face and gentle exfoliation, The face is heated by steam and then the hyaluranon gel is applied and massaged in. After the safety glasses are fitted to you, the laser light is applied to the muscle sections accordingly. It is then repeated on the other side. A specialized Vitamin C with activating hyalu-ranon gel is recommended for the up keep and continuing effects. The Vit C serum – it is an advanced complex anti- ageing serum with ascorbic acid added PLUS Hyaluranon to maintain maximum hydration and fibroblast activity be-tween the clinic treatments . It also contains soy protein for skin nourishment , lemon bioflavonoid to improve the strength of capillary walls, green tea extract which is one of the most potent anti-oxidants and several other botanical extracts to support anti-ageing . You will achieve accelerated skin smoothness and wrinkle reduction with this maintenance product. By using an advanced cosmeceutical skin care range you will get the best re-sults. There is nothing active to this level in supermarkets or chemists. Let our skin therapist go over your regime.

Ideally 1-2 in the first week and then one per week for about 4 weeks. It all depends on the slackness of muscle tone and the skin quality. This will have to be determined at your consultation and following treatments. Your consultation and progress will be documented. The facial time takes approximately 30-40 mins generally but the first one will take about 75 mins with consultation and photos. Two treatments are required in first week . Then one treatment per week for approximately 4 weeks. Maintenance 1-2 per month or 1 every 2 months. This really depends on the muscle tone and how well it re-sponds in the treatment initially will depend on the rest of the treatment.

  • Capillaries
  • Solar damage
  • Acne
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Scar revision and remodelling
  • Wound healing
  • Eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis
  • Anti-ageing treatments for lines and wrinkles and loss of elasticity.
  • Inflammation
  • Joint pain

Please speak to our skin therapists about this as there is a package arrangement.

Increases skin regeneration
Rapid wrinkle reduction
Reduces old and new scars
Quick return to normal lifestyle

For healing and regeneration of the skin, scars and all soft tissue injury. This laser does NOT heat the skin. It treats acne, scars, burns, blemished and poor healing skin. Reduces inflammation and irritation eg. for eczema and psoriasis and many other skin conditions.

Price Packages

available for 6 or more 5 min per session

10 min
15 min
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